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About Me


My Story

In the past, I have hated my body, I have feared the scale and the mirror, I have alternated phases of binge eating and starvation, I have gone all-in with fitness programs and also not exercised for months in a row, I have exercised as a punishment for unhealthy eating, I have cried feeling unattractive, fat, gross, I have been through 3 pregnancies in less than 4 years putting on an average of 40 lbs each time and went through 3 postpartum body recoveries... 

The perfect balance doesn't exist. Let's face it, you can't be 100% on all fronts, you can't be totally dedicated to :

- your career

- eating and cooking organic food

- being on top of your kids schedule/homework/extracurricular activities

- being the perfect wife living in a spotless house

- finding time to exercise and lose the baby weight

- going out with your friends and planning the next holidays

- managing all the admin/finances/groceries of the household

Yet we live in a world where Women are expected to do all this, smile, be grateful and be sexy... driving us constantly to feel guilty of not doing or being enough and chase these everlasting non-achievable goals.

Hi, my name’s Laetitia, I am 38 and the mother of 3 children aged 8, 7 and 5.

Former Events Manager in an Investment Bank, I decided to change careers for one that was more meaningful and became a Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach to help Women

(and more specifically Mums) find the right balance and live life to the fullest.

My Imperfect Balance

Becoming a Mum gave a whole new dynamic to my approach and assumptions around what being fit and healthy meant. I used to be focused on fitness only and the aesthetics side of things and totally neglected nutrition and mindset. My life changed for the better once I synced all pillars together.

Today, what truly matters is my health, to see my kids grow up, to be physically present and capable of following them in all their adventures, to not suffer physically or emotionally from extra weight and aches/pains that come with it, to not be controlled by food and/or my emotions.

I have found my "imperfect balance", the one that works for me. It took time, trial and error, but today I am happy to have created a life that allows me to take care of myself and my health, to have found a fitness routine that allows me to live in a strong body that I am proud of and feel sexy in, to not fear the scale or chocolate and overall lead a healthy, active and balanced life.

So now let's find YOUR 'imperfect balance'.


Fun facts

  • Family background: eldest of 5 children, born & raised in France

  • Favourite food: bread/hummus, chocolate & Spaghetti Bolognese

  • Favourite drink: Rosé & Champagne

  • Favourite flower: Peony & Amaryllis

  • Most hated household chore: ironing

  • Favourite fitness coaches: Joe Wicks, Kayla Itsines, Jonathan Goodman

  • Guilty pleasure: McDonalds

  • Next planned holiday: Porto 

  • Nickname: Tish or Shoush

My Mission

Today I want to share this knowledge with you. I want to help you:

- create YOUR imperfect balance, the one that works for you and around your day to day and your goals

- lose weight and get fit, feel strong and sexy

- retrieve your energy to be a dynamic mom and woman

- understand nutrition and what is working against you in your current diet and what little changes can have big impacts in your weight loss goals

- improve your mindset around health, fitness, and nutrition for it to become second nature (stop waiting for motivation to do its thing, that's not how it works)

- get rid of your excuses and limiting beliefs to allow you to grow

- get out of your comfort zone and challenge you

- make and take time for yourself to be your best self

- stay accountable and stick to your commitment long enough to see results

"Allow me to be your biggest cheerleader"


So what do you say? Ready to take care of your health, go all in and ditch the weight and the excuses?
Send me a message or schedule a Discovery Call  so we can assess how I can best assist you to reach your goals. 

Let’s Talk

Send me a message or click here to schedule a
FREE Discovery session.

Tel: +852 9686 7785

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