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  Woman Beyond Mother



Do you feel tired? Overweight? Do you lack strength & energy and struggle to keep up with your kids? Do you still have pregnancy weight to lose and can't wear half of your wardrobe?


Do you want to feel energised? Do you want to lose weight, feel strong and fit? Do you want to be able to run after your kids and carry them around without ache or feeling out of breath...? Do you want to feel like yourself again and reclaim the woman you once was? Wear that little dress you love or your favourite pre-pregnancy jeans? 


I love working with women especially Mums to help them lose weight and get fit, be healthy and feel amazing, increase their self confidence and energy through personalised fitness sessions, sustainable nutrition and mindset habits.

I make it easy and come to you, your flat, local park. I fit in your busy schedule and bring the equipment with me.

Don't overthink it, if you need help with your health, then hire an expert and just follow the steps. Call now to schedule you FREE discovery session.

My Services

The 12 Weeks Reset

My signature 360° program

24 sessions over 12 weeks (2/week)

12 weeks coaching program to improve your nutrition, mindset & habits with ressources/exercises & accountability

to become a better you


The Healthy Mum

To lead a healthy, safe and active pregnancy or to take care of your postpartum body...

Move, stay fit and prepare your body

for delivery and birth recovery

In the comfort of your home or local park


The Session Packages

Buy 10, 20 or 30 sessions upfront 
to get your fitness on track,
engage in regular training,
discover resistance training,
be healthy and feel fit...
Once, twice or 3 time per week 

Fitness Mesdames

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Camille H.

"Laetitia has made me love exercising. In the past, I mainly exercised to lose weight but she was able to show me all the other benefits linked to leading a healthy life, how health goes beyond just exercising and how easy it can be to integrate a session in a busy Mum schedule. Her program is great for any mum ready to take control of their health and body."


Aurelie D.

Laetitia is really good to understand the needs of each person and assist them in reaching their objectives. She always has the right word at the right time to get your motivation back on track. She releases a positive and motivating energy. Her sessions are varied and always challenge me and the mindset & accountability side of her program is what makes the difference.



Sophie M.

'Laetitia has been central in me getting back into a sports routine that suited me. She made me understand that sport is not competitive or painful, but a way to live a healthy and better life. She was supportive, encouraging and there with me on a daily basis. I would recommend her program to

anyone wishing to get back on track with their wellbeing journey, you will feel like having a sport buddy and much more (a friend really) that is sharing the pain and joy with you."


Claire C.

Thanks to Laetitia, for the 1st time of my life, I understood and felt the benefits of regular exercise. I felt much better physically but also realised I had much more energy and my mental health improved too (less stress, better mood). Laetitia's also a mum, she knows what my days look like and was always there even when I didn't feel like it to motivate and encourage me. 


Anais C.

"Laetitia has completely changed the way I see exercising. I used to drag myself to the gym and wonder around unsure what to do for 1h30. Her program completely changed my habits. Now I exercise pretty much daily, for 20/30 min and mainly from home. Laetitia is very human and has highs and lows like we all do which makes her more relatable than other coaches."

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Jennifer B.

Laetitia is a very inspiring and active Mum. I was always impressed at how healthy and balanced her life was. I took part in several challenges she lead and she always demonstrated empathy, motivation and kindness towards everyone involved. Having her as my coach changed my life and I can't thank her enough. I now exercise very regularly and her services definitely helped to set up my routine. 


Hong Kong

Based in Hong Kong - Happy Valley, I come to you, your local park, your building gym or your flat. I bring equipment and adapt the session to your goals and abilities. I welcome clients from anywhere for online sessions.  

Tel:/Whatsapp +852 9686 7785

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